Copyright Notice and Legal Stuff

All photographs taken by Christine Nichols are copyright protected. I never sell the copyright to my images, however, when payment is received for the photographs or images I create, or when the written contract for the shoot calls for it, I will sometimes give reproduction rights upon prior request.

For instance, if the subject of the photograph is a dog then the purchaser may reproduce the photographs in adverts, on websites or within the appropriate press without further payment provided “© Christine Nichols,” is included , but must contact me so that I can forward a print version to the publication on your behalf to provide the best quality print available. If you do not ask for prior permission or use the copyright defined above a further fee will be payable to me.

You may not copy in any format (without prior permission) sell, lend, hire or otherwise use the images for financial gain

I reserve the right on all photographs to which I hold copyright to sell, hire, lend or authorise their use on any promotional material, advertisements, posters, cards, postcards, tiles, publications or any other media related material. Images may also be sold, lent or hired to photographic libraries or agencies by me for them to sell or hire to their clients. This website and its content are owned by Christine Nichols.

The website, its design and content including each and every photograph are protected by copyright and trademark law and other related intellectual property rights. Copyright in the photographs is owned by me, Christine Nichols. My photograph’s are also protected by moral rights. I assert my moral right to be identified as the author where ever and when ever my photographs are copied or distributed by any means.

Non-Payment, Bouncing Cheques and Chargebacks Etc.

I am sure you would never do this to me but I reserve the right to publish on this website details of any non-paying clients here or elsewhere, or those with bouncing cheques where payment is not made within 7 days of my contacting you by post or email or phone whether or not you have read this page.

Amanda Davis