People who have outstanding invoices or have cheated me out of goods, money

List of non payers, or people who have cheated or defrauded me out of goods or money on Etsy


Posted 4th August 2017

Carrie Tafoya of Albuquerque, NM, USA ordered a childs dress from me in March 2017 and I posted it to the address given in both Etsy and Paypal.  A few weeks later she got in touch saying she had moved and not received the dress and that Etsy and Paypal were at fault for giving the wrong address.  Eventually she opened a Paypal case, even though she admitted she was in the wrong and for various stupid reasons, they refunded her.  I am still awaiting payment of the dress from her as I am out both dress and money – I strongly suspect she deliberately cheated me.



Posted 16 Jan. 2017
Amanda Davies of Locust Dale, USA. Purchased a brooch from me on on 23rd November 2016 and was sent both confirmation of order and confirmation of delivery notices. Some weeks later I received a notice from Paypal that she was disputing the payment and they withdraw the funds plus a “fine”. Therefore not only does she have a brooch for free, I have to pay more than double the costs for her to have the pleasure of it.

I have contacted her various times asking but have not received a response so am posting this in case anyone else is having the same problems.

I would add that Paypal have been helpful and advised me to contact her but she is ignoring me.
Eventually Paypal came down in my favour, customer never did respond.