NAPP Challenges

I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and each week Pete Collins provides one or more images and challenges members to create their own version of it.  When I get time I join in and these are a few of my creations, more will be added over time so keep checking back.

Challenge: Castle seen from below
Added: Girl sitting on tree, wings and lights
fairy and castle

Challenge: Old fashioned telephone on table
Added: Puppy<


I only wanted to call you

Challenge Image: Shaped tower block
Added: Man and Motorbike
Man, bike and towerblock2

Challenge Image:  Bright orange scooter isolated on white
Added, 2 sky images, 2 dogs, 2 cats, tiger, seagulls, flames, clouds
Fun but Risky adventure

Challenge Image – clouds against blue sky
Added:  clouds, kittens, flames, etc
"Clouds" In The Sky

Challenge Image:  Orange version of the picture on fingernails isolated on white
Added:   Created painting then added it to book and background.  Created a few nail art stickers to go on my fingers.  Check out my nail-art site if you would like something similar
Story Book

Challenge Image:  Salmon
Added:  replaced polo ponies with salmon and edited tack to fit
Fish Polo

Challenge Image:  Snowy Mountains
Added, road, trees, woman in red and dog
Mountains snow

Challenge Image:  Wasp nest hanging from wooden ceiling
Added:  Wrens, nest and tree
Wrens nesting in a wasp's nest.

Challenge Image:  London Cityscape
Added:  Flooding and rain and broke bridges etc
London under Water