Painted Pebbles

I thought I would show you some of my Painted Pebbles, most of these are available to purchase from my shop on  KerioakArtWorks shop on etsy.  You are welcome to contact me and purchase these directly from me, I take Paypal which means you can use credit and debit cards if you do not have an account.  These vary in size from 2.5 cm (about an inch) for the little houses to 6cm for the tree painted on a metallic gold background.

IMG_1130 Echinea 2 1 IMG_1133 Echinea 1 1

IMG_1121 FAF lady

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IMG_1114 summer tree 1

IMG_0994 house1 1

IMG_1009 House 3 1

IMG_1017 house 5 1

IMG_1013 house 4 1

IMG_1027 House 6 1

IMG_1000 House2 1

IMG_0934 owl1

IMG_1091 Pixie house 2 2

IMG_0980 Pixie house 3

IMG_1099 snow scene 1

IMG_1097 christmas tree 1

IMG_1106 trio aster flowers 1

IMG_1102 pink aster flower 1

IMG_1107 three flower pebbles 1

IMG_1104 mauve aster flower 1

IMG_0975 Polar Bear 1

IMG_0971 blue ghost woods1

IMG_0901 robin 3

IMG_0900 red and gold flowers 3

IMG_0899 rose and flowers 4

IMG_0889 frog 4