Retouching & Editing

I am now offering a retouching service for both my own or your photographs. Everything from putting in new backgrounds, eliminating unwanted items from an image, giving a portrait a magazine type make-over, removing unwanted weight, adding make-up, retouching old and damaged images etc. Unless specifically requested I retain texture in the skin and do not give it a plastic looking finish.

The cost will depend on how much work you would like done to your image and will be on a time basis, usually the minimum fee will be £5 for up to fifteen minutes work but depends on how many images and the work involved

Some things take just a few minutes others many hours depending on how involved it is. I would prefer to have a raw or un-edited file if possible and will require payment before I start work, I will give an approximate time. During the retouching work I will liaise with you to ensure you are happy with the progress and it is what you have in mind.

View some examples: