Just hover mouse over the following examples to see before or after .

Minor skin retouching/shaping, adding make up, additional hair and nail varnish
Minor skin retouching but leaving natural looking, accentuate lip and eyes and change focus of lighting

Skin retouching, hair lightening and shaping face where laying down appeared to distort it

Skin and hair cleaning, softening, eye make up, background edit

This image has had skin touched up (cloning, dodging and burning), eyes cleaned and brightened and hair cleaned and smoothed (removing stray hairs, hair grips removed, cloning cross-over hairs, painting in some new hairs, creating shine) and the crease in the background removed

This one was interesting, edited white balance and levels, added hair to remove curlers, shaped face, detailed face smoothing with highlight/shadows blended in.

The same picture as above, just changed to a soft black and white

This model appears to be slouching so straighten up shoulders and head, lengthen body slightly to remove optical illusion of short legs and remove some of the creases from her jumper – hover mouse over to view.