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Free Art Friday

I had never heard of this Free Art Friday thing until there was a segment about it on BBC’s The One Show earlier this week and the ideal appealed to me.  It was started about ten years ago by a street artist known as MyDogSighs (Site and Twitter if you would like to learn more about him).

FAA1The idea has grown and now artists around the world leave pieces of art in their cities, or cities they are visiting for members of the public to find and take home with them on Fridays.  These can be any kind of art, MyDogSighs uses recycled cans, others use photos, paintings, prints and all sorts of things.  I thought, why should it just be city dwellers that get the chance to find free art, so sometime today my first offering will be made in the small village of Etchingham in East Sussex.


IMG_1121 FAF ladyArtists who particpate post pictures to their social media sites to give their followers clues as to where to find their art, I am using this blog and my twitter account @KerioakArt


If you are the new owner or even just intrigued and wish to post to twitter and/or leave a comment here I would be delighted but this is totally optional, I just want someone to enjoy my work.







Edit:  This piece now has a home, the new owner tweeted a message